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“She is a loan officer wizard!”

“She is a loan officer wizard!”

Tawnya King is the absolute “Gold Standard” in originating loans. She is a loan officer wizard! Tawnya and her assistant, Lisette, are consummate professionals. My husband and I had a situation which looked relatively bleak as far as options go. I heard an advertisement on the radio for Tawnya King and how she finds loans for the self-employed and those with non-traditional sources of income. After having to endure two prior horrible experiences with loans, needless to say, I was quite gun shy. My first experience with loans did fall under the category of a more traditional loan and, even that, was not a pleasant experience. After that loan, we needed a loan last year. This encounter was so rotten! I had to listen to phony loan salesmen who actually were terribly condescending. One had the nerve to get personal and insulting rather than help our situation. All the people I found were so unprofessional! I truly had “had it.” I became so skeptical! I called Tawnya with little hope. Tawnya over-performed from the beginning. She was kind on the phone and positive. She thinks “out of the box.” She cares about her clients – a truly lost art. All others are only in it for the money. Tawnya and Lisette work for you! Every bit of the process with them was so pleasant! I couldn’t believe how easy everything went, especially after having been beaten down so much before with such second rate hacks. I will work with Team Tawnya in the future as well to get a more traditional loan as she has your back. Tawnya and Lisette want to help you in an industry rife with sharks!

Tracy Ziegler-Edwards

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